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Why haven't I heard of self-directed retirement vehicles and their ability to invest in alternatives like a Rocket Dollar account?

Rocket Dollar does not limit you to a curated and list of options like other retirement platforms. IRS law doesn't prohibit what you invest in your retirement accounts, other than a few exceptions.

Financial companies always want you to invest in their products. They don't want to help with anything outside of their box.

When it comes to investment management, companies typically don't want to sell a product unless they can get assets under management fees, fiduciary advice fees, or commissions. Even as fees have been decreasing, the largest fund companies still make plenty of their customer revenue from mutual funds, bond funds, and ETFs or related transaction fees. When it comes to alternative investments, large brokerages don't want to deal with the time or hassle of keeping track of their specialized investment records for a few clients. At Rocket Dollar, we want to continue to make it easier, more efficient, and affordable to hold alternative assets.

The industry has tried to act like self-directing is one big secret

At Rocket Dollar, we don't want self-directing IRA's to be a secret. You shouldn't have to pay a few thousand dollars, fly to a conference, or be uber-rich just find an easy way to invest in something you know and love to invest in with your retirement account. By expanding investments through a Rocket Dollar account, we hope to unlock American's retirement dollars into their expertise, their communities, and for better financial futures.

You can now invest a portion of your retirement into real estate, startups, and community businesses, and more.

Financial advisors have lacked the efficient or affordable tools needed to help their clients get into alternative investments

At Rocket Dollar, we want to offer investors an ability to open and manage their accounts in a quick, easy, and affordable manner. If you have a great fiduciary advisor, they might want to help you with alternatives, but might not be licensed or able to handle these investments on their current platform. If they direct you to a partner, a good advisor doesn't want you to have to pay a few thousand extra in fees just to access alternatives. We would be happy to talk to your financial advisor and encourage you to use your advisor as much as possible when making investment decisions and exploring alternatives.

If you want us to talk to or work with your advisor, don't hesitate to send them along.

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