Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base

What are the fees and pricing for accounts?

It is a $360 one time setup fee per account, and then $15 a month for each account for continued administration and compliance. You will pay for your first month at checkout for a total of $375

What fees does Rocket Dollar Charge for an account?

Each 401(k) or IRA has a one time $360 fee for account setup. This is the upfront cost. Then you will you’ll pay $15 per month for account administration and compliance, including the first month at checkout. We don’t charge a fee for assets under management (AUM) or add on fees for our new investments.

Will my investments have fees?

You will be selecting your own investments, which may have their own fees. These fees are set by the issuer, not Rocket Dollar. Rocket Dollar does not provide investments.

It is important for you or your personal financial advisor to research any investment opening, upkeep, or closing fees before making an investment decision.

What about bank fees?

Rocket Dollar works with preferred banking partners to get favorable and low fee arrangements for our customers and your self-directed IRA or 401(k). Your LLC or trust bank account will help your account manage, fund, and hold investments. We will help you get setup with our preferred banking partner during the account fulfillment process, and prospective customers can also contact Rocket Dollar for any questions on bank fees or using a specific bank.

Typically, the most common bank fee our customers see are simple wire money transfer fees, which are the preferred transfer method for a variety of alternative investments.

Customers that use wish to use a business bank account that is not from a preferred partner should be aware of possible fees associated with opening and maintaining an account.

What about expedited service?

Expedited Service prioritizes your account fulfillment and costs $200 per account, due at signup.

  • Self-Directed IRAs are guaranteed to be opened in 15 business days
  • Self-Directed Solo 401(k)s can be opened in 13 business days

Normal accounts can take from 2-4 weeks from payment to being fully funded from your transfers.

What about LLC and Trust Fees? Does it matter what state I'm in?

The account setup fee includes the initial filing fee if you’re using an LLC inside a Rocket Dollar Self-Directed IRA or a trust inside a Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Solo 401(k). Your $15 per month maintenance fee will also cover the annual fee for the LLC or Trust. We use a Colorado LLC by default.

There are a few exceptions to the LLC Fees, and specific state rules.

  • If you’re a California resident. California residents might need to use California LLCs or use a direct own IRA with no LLC and a different fee structure. See here for more info.
  • We also require our customers to register their LCC in the state if they are buying AND renting property or running a full business inside their LLC to best serve the compliance needed by the local state. You will be able to complete this obligation by registering your new Rocket Dollar LLC as a foreign entity in that state. While renting out a property, and especially multiple properties you can be seen as a business and be subject to specific local real estate and renting laws. Rocket Dollar does not cover or pay for this service, but you will be able to register that on your own.

If you have any further questions about fees, please contact our sales team. We want to bring full transparency to the self-directed model. at 1-855-762-5383 option 2.