Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base

How are Traditional Self-Directed IRA distributions taxed? (Pre-Tax)

Just like a regular Traditional IRA, you defer taxes and pay ordinary income tax without capital gains tax.

Early Distributions (before age 59 1/2)

If you have had a traditional IRA before, similar rules apply. All distributions before 59 and 1/2 can be subject to early withdrawal penalties of 10% plus your normal ordinary income tax.

Regular Distributions (after 59 1/2)

Distributions are taxed at ordinary income after 59 1/2. Capital Gains taxes do not apply.

RMD's aka Required Minimum Distributions (after 70 1/2)

Required Minimum Distributions slowly force out a required amount of dollars each year, as Traditional IRA's cannot defer paying taxes forever. When you are over the age of 70, keep these in mind so you can strategically make distributions and manage your investments properly inside your IRA.

You should calculate your RMD's using the IRS RMD worksheet, but feel free to contact the the Rocket Dollar support email to schedule your distributions with Rocket Dollar.