Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base

How do I ask for support?

Rocket Dollar customers access our support email the top right of their dashboard, or call 1-855-Rocket-D (1-855-762-5383) and hit option #1.

If you had any general questions about opening your account, you can see a step by step process for IRA or a step by step process to open a solo 401(k)

If you are not a customer, you can feel free to look at our knowledge base or talk to our sales team.

We hope you can keep learning and become a customer someday! We are constantly expanding our knowledge base, can answer general questions from, and our sales team is always ready to help you see if a Rocket Dollar is right for you.

It's our goal to keep serving you, quickly and more accurately.

We are constantly working to make our support process smoother and to better serve you. As we work on partnerships, this should continue to make the process of opening and upcoming your accounts an easier process. Please let us know if you have any feedback during your support requests.