Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base

What is the step by step process of starting a Self-Directed IRA?

Need to know what to do next to get your IRA opened at Rocket Dollar? Start here.

1. Signup on in 5 minutes. We then start to create your account!

  • Say No to Self-Employed Income to go down the sign-up path for the IRA.
  • Our team is in the process of setting up your IRA. In a couple of business days, you will receive an email with documents requiring your signature.

2. E-Sign Account Creation Documents

Once our account paperwork is completed, our fulfillment team will be in touch. You’ll be asked to e-sign your account creation documents. Your IRA will then be opened with our custody partner, and you’ll be able to fund your account.

3. Make a Transfer or Contribution Request

Fund your account by navigating to the transfer request module. You’ll be asked to upload an account statement and provide information regarding the account releasing funds. Once we have all necessary information, we’ll request the transfer, and your Rocket Dollar account will have money headed its way.

4. Open an LLC Bank Account

We work with a bank partner to provide LLC checking accounts. Our team will reach out to assist you with the process. The entire process is online, fast, and your account will be opened within 1 business day.

5. Funding Your LLC Bank Account

When your funds arrive in your new IRA from your previous custodian, we will prepare and send you paperwork to process the funding of the LLC bank account.

6. Invest!

Once your funds reach your new bank account you have the power of checkbook control over your retirement funds! In order to keep your account in compliance, please record transactions in the Investment Track

Not sure what you want to invest in yet? can also visit our partners page. With an account from Rocket Dollar, you’ll have the power to pursue a nearly infinite number of investments.

How long will this take?

2-4 Weeks from zero to funded, from purchasing your Rocket Dollar account until you are deploying your dollars. This included the time to open your account, an LLC, and the biggest possible hold up, is waiting on your rollover retirement dollars to transfer over.

If you purchase expedited at checkout, we guarantee we can open your account and get it funded in 15 days. This will provide white glove assistance for transfers as well as prioritized one on one time to make sure your account fulfillment is free of issues.